Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh! my... a blizzard

My mother always told me be careful what you asked for...you may get it and not now what to do with it...
I asked for snow and would have gladly accepted a blizzard but only if I was in the comfort of my home and not on the road... what a drive home..... Whew! BUT the decorations are beautiful♥♥♥
Well 38 years ago it was a beautiful sunny day and my heart glowed as my second daughter Liette was born.. this is Miss Émilie's mom..
Émilie who loves to write was waiting for her mom after school with a hand made birthday card.... Liette is the principal at the Port Maitland Elementary School and an inspiration to me in many ways. She has not taken up sewing but loves cross stitch.
I am very glad we celebrated her birthday Sunday because tonight is not a night to venture out but a night for sewing preferably lap work.
Some of you asked for a close up picture of my angels... These are made with a mesh fabric ( the name of the fabric escapes me) which you wet and shape as you wish. Once its dry it is very stiff and holds its shape.

The year I made these I had made smaller ones for my whole Christmas tree for an angel tree!


  1. I am so sorry- it blew in to you from Alberta, I think!!! Stay safe, and stay warm...PS we had more snow today and the drive home was very scary...11 more working days until we are off for 2 weeks!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Liette! She and Emilie are both so beautiful (must get that from their mom)!! Your angels are so pretty, too. Thanks for letting us see the close up!

  3. Hi, Joan: Your angels - including Liette and Emilie :) - are beautiful. You have so many talents.
    We had very messy snow and today the shovelling was wet and heavy. I like the fluffy, pretty stuff!
    Hope you have your email issues sorted out - anxious to tell you all about this new machine!!

  4. Driving in a blizzard, not fun at all! Happy Birthday to your DD Liette! BTW I love the pic of the hoar frost on your tree, gorgeous! If you want you can have our cold weather, it's -21 C right now.
    Yesterday morning it was -29C Brrrrrrrrr