Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Secret Santa gifts

I promised you a parade of the Secret Santa projects and so here it is. Just "adorable" ♥♥gifts♥♥. Everyone's Christmas was enriched with gifts made especially for them by their Charming girlfriends. I know I cherish mine from Anne so much! I have put the girls' links for easy access to their blogs.
Carol's #1 gift to Esther

Carol's gift #2 to Esther

My gift #1 to Kris
My gift #2 to Kris Carolyn's gifts to Michelle Carolyn's gift to Michelle

Anne's #1 gift to me Anne's #2 gift to me

Peggy's gift to Anne
Michelle's gift to Amanda

Kris' gift to Kim#2
Kris' gift#2 to Kim

Kim's #1 gift to Carol...a scarf

Kim's#2 gift to Carol

Esther's gift toPeggy
Cora's #1 gift to Jeannette
Cora's #2 gift to Jeannette

Cathi's gift to Kate

This is the "eye candy" I received ..so if any of you wish to post photos of your gifts leave a message here and we will follow your link to admire the beautiful work done by the 2009 Secret Santas. I understand there maybe some who have not received their gifts yet due to International mail delivery but when you do, let us know and so we can join you in the fun. As Santa returns to the North Pole it is my hope that he will be available next year to come again for a Secret Santa adventure to the Charming Girls Club. Thanks girls for participating... It was a lot of fun..


  1. Thank you for hosting the Secret Santa Swap Joan. It was alot of fun and everyone's gifts were awesome.

  2. Oh my god. i didn't want to look because i still haven't received mine but i couldn't resist. i can't wait to get i in the post thanks you so much ester! it looks fabulous again!! Thanks joan for hosting this great swap. i really enjoyed it! Well done everybody

  3. Such Yummy Goodies for all!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for your hard work in hosting this Joan. Happy New Year!