Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lights in the Forest

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hubby and I marked the occasion beginning with  a play...
Which has an abundance of history and great importance  to our  neighbouring community.
"Electric City", as the area came to be known (and is the name of the book)... took place in a remote forest about 15 miles from our home.   
In 1892, Jean Jacques Stehelin, a wealthy French aristocrat from St Charles,France established an elaborate settlement in Digby County known as New France. Among the facilities constructed at his ‘Electric City’ were a teahouse, a chapel, a casino, a sawmill, a wooden railway and a blacksmith’s forge. The Electric City was also endowed with electric power, 30 years before it became available at nearby communities. The New France Historic Park at Langford Lake, Digby County opened in the summer of 2000. The park, a project of J.D. Irving Ltd., is a ‘must see’ for any visitor to Weymouth.
The play was fantastic!♥♥♥ and the actors did a super job in capturing the times and the developement of  the "Electric City" .
And tonight we are attending a Valentine fundraiser dinner for the local SPACA which consists of "Creamed  Lobster".

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  1. sounds like you are having a wonderful V-day! Enjoy the lobster :)