Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Quilting history

I learnt to sew from my mom and a very special aunt who happened to be my Godmother. (This was the thread and thimble my Godmother used to sew my first Prom dress with "now" DH in 1966

First Sewing Projects :
In my teens I made all my clothes and unknown to me back then, designed them also because I never used a pattern only the ones I would draw on old newspaper . I had seen my mom and my grand-mère sew quilts but to me that was too tedious and too time consuming . I liked to sew in the morning and wear it in the evening!
Quilting began for me not by desire but I would say by necessity.....
In 1994 my DH and I decided to build an apartment on our house for my mom and dad. Both were very well at the time but four years after their move my dad's physical health deteriorated. Mom tended to his needs and I became worried about my mom's mental health because her social life was limited. So I asked her if I sewed a quilt (my first)
if she would be willing to quilt it? DH set the frames in the apartment and there she was able to hand quilt and look after dad's needs . I had submitted this story on another post which you can read here

Other Crafts....
I always got involved in the craft of the day; cross Stitch, needlepoint, paper tole, painting and on and on..... but always came back to sewing. Sewing clothing is passé....but quilting is always in motion.

First pre-cut Project
In 2007 I had my first experience sewing with a jelly roll : "Chelsea Boutique" Pattern.... Vanilla Star from the and that began my love of pre-cuts!

Fabric Shopping
Somehow??? I found this on line quilt shop... (I don't believe in coincidences by the way...) and this is where I met..Kelly and I started communicating via e-mail. Not being computer savvy it never entered my mind to create my own blog but Kelly inspired me and with her enthusiasm and support; Ouvrages d'une Acadienne (Projects of and Acadienne) came to be!

I was so honored when Kelly asked me to become co-host of the...

and there I met some wonderful ladies who soon were added on my friends' list. Some I communicate with on a regular basis, Michelle, Kris, the Carols Carol, René, Allie, Cindy, Erin, Dianne, Darlene and the list goes on.......

Kelly decided to expand her talents and becomes a quilt designer
she names one of her designs... "Acadienne " ... what an honor.!!... watching my mom and grand-mère quilt, I thought quilting was just about cutting and sewing little pieces of fabric back together!!!! Was I wrong!

Remarkable friendship .
Kelly and I communicate on a daily basis and I have come to know her as part of my family and I love her as my own....we never met in person, but we do sew together via Skype on Friday afternoons that our schedules permit. There has been many times in our busy lives I would have loved to reach out and give Kelly a real hug of support or vise versa; (receive one from her)... well this is about to happen!!!!!!!!

Road Trip.....
On June 25Th DH and I are leaving for San Antonio Texas on a bus tour.... we stop in Boston, Washington DC and the third day in Knoxville Tenn.... this is where I will get my hug... yes, yes, yes from ♥♥♥KELLY♥♥♥!

Kelly and Studly will be joining Gerald and I for dinner that evening... Can you believe this?????? (Between her and I we will have lots of pictures) I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am... This is the ultimate adventure for me and such a wonderful tribute to my quilting journey! How many more sleeps?

And the Friendship continues....
To connect with fellow Canadian quilters is wonderful Anne, Ariane, Mandy, Shelley, Katherine, Joanne, Marlene, Jilly and one I had the opportunity to meet in person... designer Karen Neary My sister and I attended one of Karen's classes last October and made the project "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend". You can read about this adventure here

May the journey never end!
I have met and made wonderful friends through blog land and the CG&GQC and my dream would be that we all meet on a sewing retreat someday!

Quilting, blogging and the CG&GQC has opened a small world into a huge universe!

I have loved and still do love the journey!


  1. So Kelly got you blogging? I"M SO GLAD!!! And I know she is too. What a wonderful journey you've been on Joan, may it never end! I'll probably have to wait to get to the quilting bee in heaven before I can hug you.
    I cannot wait to see the pics when you two get together - do NOT be too busy chatting to take some, lol!

  2. What an amazing journey! I'm so happy that you shared it and your prom picture...I LOVE IT!

    I'm so excited for you & Kelly! Can't wait to see the pictures! LOL!

  3. What wonderful memories of your quilting journey Joan! Thanks for sharing them!~ I wish I lived in Tennessee! ;-)

  4. I Love reading through your quilting story - what a gorgeous picture of you going to your prom!! What a fantastic time you are going ot have catching up with Kelly...now you just have to come over to Australia!! :)

  5. Oh, Joan! What a wonderful journey!! I love the picture of you and Gerald - and how quilting started out of such love for you!!! And, I'm just so grateful to have you for my friend - words can't really express it!! Twenty Nine (29) more sleeps before we get to hug, and giggle, and talk IN PERSON (not that I'm counting or anything)!!! I can't wait! "They're coming to America, they're coming to America" -- I'm still singing about it over here!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your bus tour in June will take you to my hometown, San Antonio. ;-) I know you'll enjoy meeting Kelly and Studly.

  7. What a great post! Have a blast on your trip. - Marlene

  8. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!
    Blogging has become a really important part of my life and like you I have "met" some wonderful people and made some good friends.
    How exciting that you are finally going to meet Kelly - have a great time!!!♥♥