Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Families are forever.......

In french "La famille c'est pour toujours!" Embrace your loved ones....

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you the best of the New Year...

On Dec 20th we lost one of our family members... My mother-in-law Edith Comeau Tufts passed away peacefully in her chair at home three hours after she had distributed her Christmas gifts and hugged us all. Even though she was 91 we were not expecting her to be spending Christmas 2010 in Heaven...It was a shock! She was a remarkable women...mother of 15 children. (14 Still living grand-mother of 35 and great-grandmother of 15, and a member of the Order Of Canada.
and yes, she was a quilter...

The gift, still wrapped and hand written in her hand writing...

"We shed tears because she is gone... but we smile because she has lived.


These were the mug mats I made for the hostess at our Tufts family supper...
(I am very excited to report I used almost all of the Fruitcake Fat quarter bundle.. I don't like to have too much Christmas fabric left over at the end of the Christmas season)

This was my contribution to the Dessert menu...

Cranberry Cheesecake.. and it is YUMMY!


the Cherry Balls.....
A favourite with the kids....

Everything was wrapped and ready way ahead this year.. and "I did" question why I was so efficient????

Even if we don't know what's in store for the future there is ONE who knows and looks after us!

So Christmas morning .. Gerald is excited....

when he opens a massage chair pad .. no more tired back after curling....

In my stocking I get books...

My favourite kind of books....

Quilting books.....

Then... Gerald gets the big box out...

And Voilà

Oh! how excited I am!

This morning was the day I was getting this baby to run.. but we woke up at 3:00 am with no electricity... it lasted all morning and well into the afternoon.. the generator is not hooked up in my sewing room but I got to read the instruction books so now I am ready....


  1. Same Bernina I have! You're going to love it. Congrats on having Gerald be a dang genius!!

  2. Joan,
    Sorry to hear of your loss. Your MIL sounded like an amazing woman. Comeau is very common last name in Louisiana except there is a X at the end. Comeaux The story I heard was that many did not know how to write their names. Someone else would write the first part and the person who didn't know how to read or write would add their "X" at the end. Many Louisiana surnames end with an X

    Enjoy your new Bernina! It's a great machine. I have a Bernina 1530 that I love. Would love the new machine, but love my old one, too much:)

  3. I too am sad to hear about your mother-in-law. It is especially tough around Christmas. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

    What a wonderful gift your husband gave you. I just got my Bernina 2 months ago and it is a dream machine. You will love it!

    Your mug rugs are darling. I love the big bow on them. Very festive!

  4. Thinking of you at this time. Your MIL had a wonderful full life and your so lucky to have had a hug and gift before she slipped away.

    WOW your sweet looks Yummy!!

    Lots of wonderful gifts.BUT your Bernina QE is a very special gift.Enjoy using it.I have had mine for over a year and love it.

  5. So sorry for your loss, hard at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.

    I love you mug rugs! And that cranberry cheesecake looks awesome. Feel free to post the recipe.

  6. Sorry to hear about your MIL.

    Your new machine looks wonderful (my mother has the same one and loves it) - enjoy!!♥

  7. Oh honey I'm so sorry about your mum-in-law. She sounds like a remarkable woman. I will certainly keep your family in prayer. Lots to pray about during this holy season...I lost two friends myself this past week.

  8. I am so sorry for your family's loss. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman and you were lucky to have had her in your life.

    Your machine is the same one I have-you'll love it!

  9. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Joan. You know, we lost my grandma 3 Christmas Eve's ago. I remember being incredibly sad but thinking...what a glorious day to arrive in Heaven during the celebration of Christ's birthday. You are in my thoughts.

  10. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! She was loved by all of you and will always be remembered.

    I love the mug rugs you made for Christmas. They are gorgeous! What a wonderful gift you received! That sewing machine will be well used.

    Have a wonderful New Year!!

    Hugs Ariane

  11. I too am sorry for your loss. What a life! 15 children? What an amazing woman!!!


  12. Hi, Joan: What an emotional holiday you are having, both happy and sad. Your mother-in-law is one amazing woman, and to be presented with The Order of Canada is such an honour.
    I hope you love your 440QE as much as I do mine.