Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, December 13, 2010

More preparations

The meat pies are a favourite on the menu at this time of the year.... Made with three kinds of meat... pork, beef and chicken.Growing up mom always made her meat pies with wild rabbit.. but I have out grown that and I know it would not go well with our children. They would not be passing their plates for meat pie......Gerald doesn't like a thick tea biscuit crust so I make a thinner crust...

and of course with all that meat it makes a big batch so I freeze them .. Perfect for unexpected company over the Holidays....

You know when your children are young and just before bed they say,"Oh by the way mommy we have a bake sale tomorrow at school".
Well this still happens when they get to adulthood... Quote, "Mame, I need a gift for someone who loves snowmen" unquote... As I said on my post on FB .. I love that my children will always be children♥♥♥
Snowmen.. it is. This was for Second daughter Liette's Secret Santa at her School...

Made with "Fruitcake" by Basic Grey .. designed by "Moi"

Now I am off to bake some more for a potluck at work...


  1. Love the table topper-very cute! Are you getting snow?

  2. I don't have children, but my hubby does things like that sometimes! Love the snowmen - so creative. And I supposed you just whipped that up in an evening?

  3. We make meat pies too (cool the meat in tupperware overnight and freeze them in ziplocks! - your pictures could be from my house! LOL)
    The table runner is great and I am sure will be appreciated - what a good mom you are!♥

  4. I don't think I've ever had a meat pie, it looks yummy! Your snowman runner is GORGEOUS, Joan!

  5. Your meat pies look delicious.

    Love your snowman runner.You are a good Mum to make such a lovely gift.

  6. How cute is that! What a CUTE design Joan! You did great! I'm with ya - I'm glad that the kids will always be kids too!

  7. Snowmen are the way to my heart. Absolutely love your table runner.