Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Easter is my favorite holiday. I like the fact that it is still mostly concentrated around the spiritual aspect of the season although by the looks of things today in Yamouth it is becoming more and  more commercial. But in spite of all that one cannot,at one point, not reflect on what Easter is all about. 
Tomorrow after Easter mass I will have everyone over for a brunch and oh! yes Grand-père has an Easter egg hunt all ready to go for the "cuties". Miguel  will only be one next month so I imagine next year he will be in on it. I think I will warn the girls that next year may be a tad different. He's a go-getter even at his age.

As for my sewing .. I did a get a few things done.. Good Friday I spent  the whole day making more bible covers for people who wanted one.
There is a story behind the bible covers. Gerald's mom (mother-in-law) was a sewer and when she passed away I inherited all her fabric. I know what sewing and giving meant to her so I packaged all the fabric and this is what we use in the school to teach the kids to sew. But I also used the fabric to make these bible covers for the parishioners of the same church she was so devoted to. It warms Gerald's heart to see his mom's fabric in church,  bringing such pleasure to her community. 

I have been reflecting a lot on my "quilt-as-you-go"
 embroidery quilt and  
 I decided to combine patchwork with the embroidery blocks.
I am making the pinwheel.
The back
is all the same fabric.

For the pinwheel block 
I am using  the Holly Taylor "Northern Solitude".
The colors are so calming. 

Now about the guild.. 

It received another award. A recognition for all the creativity it brings to the community and the municipality . This was presented to the guild by "La Societé Acadienne de Clare". What an honor!

April will be a busy month for the guild. On April 13th we celebrate our second anniversary and we have an Open House planned. There will lots of activities.. displays, some members will demonstrate how to make certain projects, 50/50, articles for sale , hand quilting on our quilts, cake sale  and of course good food and good friends. 

This was last year's Open House for our first anniversary and it was a great success!
The following Saturday we will have a workshop by our sewing machine dealer. The guild purchased 17 Janome sewing machines for the kids to sew on so the members will get a demonstration on how to use the machines to the fullest. 
The following Saturday on the 27th we have a road trip planned. Another guild has invited us to go spend the day with them and  sew. They are from  Par-en-Bas. This is after Yarmouth which is a good two hours drive.  These gals are the greatest. They came with us on the  bus to Quilt Canada in Halifax .

and we had such a good time. They are also french .

 Oh! my I have been writing a lot.. I usually like to have more eye candy in my posts than a whole bunch of writing but it was not to be tonight.    

 Happy Easter !
Let us give praise to  God who moved the stone that day and who still moves the stones today, the trials of our lives .


  1. Hoping that your open house is a success. Sorry to say I'll be away that day, I enjoyed it very much last year!

  2. Praise our Lord for special people like you in my life. You're a blessing.

  3. Happy Easter Joan. You've set a beautiful table for your brunch. I love hearing all the successes of your guild!