Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
Expo-Couverte Quilt Show

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A sneak peek

The week so far at  Expo couverte/quilt show has been wonderful . It was very quiet in the house last evening when I came home from the show. I had talked to so many people  I had practically lost my voice. Were my vocal cords over worked or was it I was speechless at the amount of visitors who came to see the show? 
I think a bit of both.   
 The next three photos are the ones on the alter and are all hand sewn and hand quilted .
By member of the guild Jeannette Comeau
Beautiful work done by Louise Vincelli 
 and another one of Louise Vincelli. Her inspiration for this quilt came from a Christmas card she had received  
This beauty and a special interests to many members in the guild who are into hexies made by Darlene d'Eon
 this celebrates Christmas in a very special way by Kaaren 
 and on my to-do list Cracked pots... by Debbie Handspiker 
A Nautical theme.. beautiful appliqué
 Volkswagons rolled into the show by Geraldine Comeau 
These are but a few of what takes my breath away ... at the Expo-couverte/ quilt show now on until tomorrow at 4 pm in 
Sacré-Coeur Saulnierville church. 


  1. Oh so beautiful!! It's nice to see quilts that were made by 'real' people. The quilts at a show I recently attended were nice, but are simply show quilts. Not something the average quilter could ever aspire to. Glad you're having fun, and sharing with so many like minded quilters.

    1. It is wonderful Sunny! Tired but enjoying every moment !

  2. They are all so beautiful, and the ones on the alter extra special. Wish I could see them in person, but my heart is with you all. I wish you big crowds for you final day!

    1. Oh your name came up often in the course of the week... becasue of everything I learnt from you and the other members. We met quite a few gals from Amherst... Thanks soooo much for your support! The show was a great success!