Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Mini Quilt Swap

I can stop singing
***I'm the hap pi est Girl in the whole USA*** and I have to add ***In the whole
Ca na da
A parcel from Kelly..
Just walked in the door from having a peventative test at the hospital and saw the box....No time to remove the IV bandage ..
or my hopital ID bracelet
My Mini Quilt is here and Kelly had my name..

It is absolutely gorgeous! and the quilting is superb.... But that's not all.....

The card....then more goodies
A moda bag for when I go to my quilt retreats and workshops! Absolutely lovely...
and there is more

A schnibble pattern.. my very first one at that.... with a tuffet already made....... WOW! and....
A sneak peek of the fabric yet to come in the spring....Butterfly Garden by Kansas Trouble and Martinique by 3 Sisters ... just drooling all over these....

This absolutely gorgeous book by Lori Smith.. The appliqu├ęs oh! ma! ma! It's not chocolate but the next best thing♣♣
Is it Christmas?
Oh! Kelly, thank you...thank you... M e r c i .. BUT the friendship that is felt outside the box is priceless so Kelly your friendship is what I admire the most. ( Oh but don't anyone try to get my box) I will be using my quilt as table topper ; the colors are perfect.
I will cherish this forever... because it comes from a friend ..

These are the sentiments I feel about quilt swapping ... it is about receiving something that will always remind me of a friend.


  1. Oh wow! What a great package. The quilt is beautiful and the quilting looks gorgeous. And you got Lori Smith's new book!!! YEAH!

  2. You are a lucky girl! Isn't Kelly the greatest? I have the Lori Smith book as well, and just drool looking at the pictures. Enjoy all your goodies, and don't be afraid to take the charms out and use them...

  3. oh wow!! What a wonderful GIFT(s)!!

  4. WOWSER! What wonderful gifties!

  5. Joan, I love your mini quilt, it's beautiful. The little Tuffett is awesome too. I have that book, it's a good one. Great gifts!

  6. Look at the loot. That Kelly is truly wonderful, isn't she?? I just love the quilt, and it looks like something you will cherish for years, Joan. The best part of the swap is the anticipation, don't you think? The anticipation if your quilter will love what you send. The anticipation of getting your parcel. I love it all.