Ouvrages d'une Acadienne

Ouvrages d'une Acadienne
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tag for CGQC

It has come to Kelly's and my attention that the

is growing so fast we are unable to connect with the Charming girls as we would like to. The purpose of the club was to get to know quilters and share ideas about quilting and common interests. Unfortunately because of the number of members it has been impossible to make that commitment . For that reason the membership is closed to new participants. Between Kelly and I we will be contacting you Charming Girls to see if you are still interested in participating so it will give us a true number of the membership and hopefully we can all get to know one another better and have more quality time.

Now for the tag: Thanksgiving for our American friends is on its way and I wish them the best of the holiday!
Kelly has tagged the Charming Girls and in keeping with the meaning of the holiday she has chosen
G R A T I T U DE...
which happens to be one of my favourite of all topics .
If I was to write about everything I am grateful for I would be writing a book..

Gratitude and Acceptance work hand in hand for me and they are very positive forces in my life.

I begin each day by asking for 'help' to feel grateful for my day no matter how it will go and I trust that everything in my life today is a gift!

Of course the first gift I am grateful for is my health so I can enjoy my other gifts...

my family; all unique and SO precious
.......my new friend....Kelly whom I have met and come to know in this last year. She is like another sister. She is someone I can express my gratitude to for all the wonderful gifts I have been given.....and she understands.....♥♥♥ Thanks Kelly for being YOU!

Because when I met Kelly I connected with all you Charming girls and for that I am very grateful! You share your talents which inspires me to do the best I can, with my quilting projects.
Material things I am grateful for: my quilting fabric and quilting books, my sewing machines and my sewing corner...

Other crafts I have been involved in... another book!
I have kept up with the trend of the day when it comes to crafts but I always come back to sewing . So when I found quilting that was it.
I will share with you those projects I still have on hand.

My ceramic Christmas Tree.. I usually put it out quite early because it attracts the grand babies so much.

In 1985 I owned and operated my own retail craft store in which the specialty was imported alpaca yarn. I would custom knit sweaters and in between my orders I loved to do Needlepoint and this is one I did back then and it still hangs in my porch.

Tole painting was a reality for a few years and many pieces were done . .
Here are some pieces:
Many projects with flowers painted lots and lots of angels
My favorite projects were and still are my Christmas ones Stockings...
Wreaths and the list goes on..

I even taught classes which at one point there were so many students my daughter had to come and help me. "Jay" would make a comment often that he dared not leave his glasses hanging around for fear they would have something painted on them. In other words the paint was flying and so were the projects..

The last I am going to post is the Paper tole: This is making three dimensional pictures using 5 or 6 prints...
My favourite flower... pansies
So this is a glimpse of the things I have been involved in.. I am only quilting and and knitting now but the painting books are still close at hand because that is one craft I enjoyed a lot.!♥♥♥
One of the gratitude that always comes to mind is the fact that I don't ever remember feeling bored!
So lets see those beautiful projects which depic your many talents!
....and be grateful for them all!


  1. Hi Joan. I tried tole painting back in about 1979-80 and could never get the hang of it. Love your projects!

  2. I always wanted to to the paper tole and tole painting lol!!!

    Maybe in years to come I will experience it... I still want to learn to knit and crochet too!!! But at 23... I figure I have plenty of time

  3. Wow! What beautiful pieces of work. I just love the angel!

  4. I have always wanted to learn to pain!

  5. I like your tag. :) It is a great time of year, isn't it?